Business Operations

Account Management: The customer facing account management team is responsible  for ensuring operational readiness, managing the change control process, developing Policies and Procedures, providing production support, tracking issues, and coordinating internal support as needed and on behalf of the customer.

Vendor and Contract Management The vendor/contract management group facilitates the managed acquisition process for onboarding new vendors and suppliers which includes "Request for Proposal," contract negotiations, "Service Level Agreement" tracking, and general external vendor coordination.

Wireless Account Management: The WAM Group manages the Telematics device lifecycle, including forecasting, activation, suspension, and deactivation of the wireless accounts.

Billing: The Billing Group is responsible for managing the billing system, as as to conduct on-going billing activities both on the wireless carrier settlement side, as well as the customer invoicing side.

Reporting: The Reporting Team is responsible for developing customer facing and executive reports, conducting analysis and identifying trends using system metrics and telematics data.