Strategy & Growth

Strategic planning and growth opportunity identification, Forecasting, Budgeting & Investment, market analysis and competitive analysis

Product Management:
Lead innovation, localization of TMS and IT products and services, pricing and cost analysis, determine financial implications of product features and technology

Alliances and Partnerships:
Interfacing with automotive and IT/Tech organizations (HMA/HAEA/Autoever) as well as strategic vendors (Wireless, Content providers), define scope of work and responsibilities 
Maintain and own service generation planning
Track and monitor feature integration into current generation products (actual v/s planned) 
Identify and record actual costs and feasibility constraints for future generation planning 
Represent “voice of customer” within HATA organization 
Evaluate feature acceptance and use by customers 
Translate customer requirements into future product specifications 
Evaluate customer willingness to pay for services, monitor ROI/break even on services and products 
Review and strategically adjust product pricing
Identify opportunities to reduce costs by prioritizing cost drivers within HATA and outside